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The Image Processing and Optics Lab (OPI-Lab) is a research lab at the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar. The research in our lab can roughly be divided into optical metrology, computer vision and medical image analysis. Here follows a description of research themes we pursue. We encourage you to also study our publication list.

Optical metrology

Within this research theme we study and develop optical systems for precise 3D reconstruction and surface measurements. This mostly involves active illumination systems like fringe projection or interferometer-based microscopy.

Computer vision

Within this research theme we develop computer vision algorithms for applications in which the use of active illumination is not possible or restricted. Our research covers applications such as large scale 3D reconstruction, flexible camera calibration, automated tracking, etc.

Medical image analysis

Medical Image Analysis is a growing field where the need for automatic tools are increasing. Problems include lesion detection, segmentation, visualization and decision support for diagnosis. We cooperate with a number of hospitals and work on real data. We have mostly worked on ophthalmological images for computer-aided diagnosis.