Formative research stays UTB – ÉVRIMA

Within the framework of the internationalization strategy in the house of Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, the ÉVRIMA program of virtual training research stays was born. This initiative seeks to link students interested in research with research professors from different partner universities at the national and international level in order to virtually support the development of research projects in different areas of knowledge while strengthening their research competencies.


Through this program, students will be able to select from the catalog of advisers with whom they will work according to their study program and the line of research of their interest, favoring institutional relations and cultural and academic exchange.

Addressed to


Undergraduate, graduate students (specialization, master’s and doctorate) with a vocation for research, preferably linked to a research project or hotbed at their educational institution.



  • Be an active student at your home university (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Have a minimum cumulative average of 3.8.

Documents to present


  • Letter of motivation to participate in this experience (1 sheet)
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher
  • In case of being linked to a research project or seedbed, present a certification
  • Proof of your accumulated academic average (it can be a screenshot of the official grade platform of your university).
  • Letter of acceptance from the research advisor selected to work during the stay.

How to take part?

Review the catalog of available advisors and select the one of your interest.

Make contact, via email, with the selected researcher and send the motivation letter.

When the researcher sends the acceptance letter, you must scan the requested documentation, organize a PDF file and send it to the email ncaraballo@utb.edu.co indicating in the subject STAY OF RESEARCH UTB


Natalia Caraballo Noriega

Coordinator of International Projects and Visibility


Términos y condiciones
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