Exchange semester in UTB

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In order to promote the visit of external students and foreign universities who can stay from one semester to one year (or a month, in case your taking a summer program) by taking the area of knowledge you are interested in at the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolivar.

Academic Calendar

Orientation week: Last week of January

First Semester: First week of February to second week of June


Summer School: June 1 to July 31


Orientation week: Last week of July

Second semester: First week of August to second week of December

International courses


Registration Schedule

First Semester (spring term): From September 15 until October 30, the previous year


Summer School: From February 1 until May 1


Second Semester (fall term): From April 01 until May 15

Registration Requirements

• External Students application
• One picture attached to the form
• Transcripts
• Certificate courses taken
• Motivation letter addressed to the academic program explaining the motivation for coming to UTB (written in Spanish)
• Letter of authorization to enter the Academic Exchange Programme by the competent authority in your university
• List of courses to take signed by the director of the program
• Copy of the bibliographical page of the passport
• Proof of Spanish level – B1 (only for foreigners)


Once you submit the documentation, the TIC will be contacted so you can get answers within 30 days. With your acceptance letter you will receive information for accommodation and stay in Cartagena, you will receive information on the procedure of registration of courses, extracurricular activities etc.

In reaching our city the TIC will offer

Induction Plan to our city and the UTB.

Advice on finding accommodation.

Cultural Activities - Extra Curricular.

Useful information

All international students who want to study at the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar must have the necessary documentation or permits according to the activity they are taking or the length of their stay. If you are going to do a non-regular program (short summer school, short courses or Spanish courses), (less than 3 months) you must apply for a PIP-2 (for European students PIP 5) Entry and Stay Permit in the Migration post at your entrance to Colombia, presenting a letter sent by the UTB.


 If your stay will be for more than 3 months you must have a V visa or M visa or be beneficiary of visas that allow studies in the country. You can apply for the visa at the consulate of Colombia or online. You can check the list of Embassies and Consulates in the following government official webpage:

 You can consult the visa requirements and apply through the online form here:

• When you receive your electronic visa you must go to the consulate to have it stamped in your passport. This step is VERY important because without the physical visa in your passport you will not be able to apply for your foreigner ID registration card once you are in Colombia. NOTE: If you couldn’t stamp your visa in your country, you can do it in Colombia but you must send the passport to Bogota.


• If your consulate does not allow the process through the online form, you must bring the same documents to the consulate and carry out the process that they specify. If you require more information about visas and their application processes

Foreigner ID

The international student who has been granted a V or M visa must present himself to Migration Colombia within the following 15 calendar days after his / her entry to the Colombian territory to apply for his ID. Failure to comply with this measure can lead to economic sanctions. To apply for the ID you must go to the office of Migracion Colombia in the neighborhood Pie de la Popa, Cl. 29d # 20- 18, Cartagena, Bolívar.

Take the following documents with you

• Original Passport and current Visa.

• Copy of the main page of the passport, visa and stamp of entry to the country.

• File and submit the Single Procedural Format or the Online Registration Code, attaching the following:  Blood group constancy with HR.

• You can pay the cost of the ID card of $100 USD aprox., with credit card directly at the Migration offices.

International Services Contact

Incoming – Outgoing Mobility Coordination


Phone number : +57 5 6535376

Términos y condiciones
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